I am a scientist with excellent scientific writing skills, over 60 publications in international journals, and experience of scientific publishing. I can help you to maximise your chances of getting your research published. Most of my clients are scientists who speak excellent English and write in English, but English is not their first language. I also work for native English speaking authors who want to ensure that their publications have professional clarity, focus and lucidity.

You can employ me to edit your scientific paper, report, grant proposal, letter, or thesis. I comment on structure, organisation, content and consistency. I will ensure that your final version is error-free, grammatically correct, and easy to read and understand. 


I am the managing editor of the Mammal Society's journal Mammal Review. Working closely with the EIC, I liaise with authors, editors and the publisher. I take manuscripts from submission, through the peer review process and editorial changes, to the handover to the production editors. I edit every paper.


My strength as an editor is my detailed understanding of the subject matter. My areas of expertise are ecology, conservation science, bioacoustics, agricultural ecology, behavioural ecology, mammalian biology, echolocation. I have specialist knowledge of mammals, bats, hares and other lagomorphs, cetaceans, pinnipeds and shrews.

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