Clients' comments

Comments from editing clients


"Nancy, we have been very much impressed by your dedication, as we have never experienced such an insightful and careful post-peer review feedback. So thank you very much, indeed!"

Prof. Christian Vincenot, Biosphere Informatics Laboratory, Department of Social Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan.


"Thank you so much for your professionalism and tenacity in making this publication awesome!"

Jessica Welch, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, USA.


"Thank you very much for proof editing our manuscript. I have gained so much about how to write a paper in English properly from your revised version and comments. This means more to my scientific career than just getting my paper published. I appreciated your help so much!"

Kai Ma, Key Laboratory of Biodiversity Science and Ecological Engineering of Ministry of Education, College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University, China.


"You did a very good job in editing our paper. It reads smooth and simple. Thank you very much!"

Dingzhen Liu, Beijing Normal University, China.


"Thank you so much - this is wonderful and just what was required. Your comments and edits have improved the guide tremendously."

Dr Helen Roy, Ecologist, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.  I edited: Tweddle JC, Robinson LD, Pocock MJO & Roy HE (2012) Guide to citizen science: developing, implementing and evaluating citizen science to study biodiversity and the environment in the UK. Natural History Museum and NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology for UK-EOF.


"Thanks for all the great work you did on the paper. I realise quite how great you are at editing, especially making the manuscript more succinct while keeping the message of the study and enhancing its clarity."

Dr Michael J. O. Pocock, University of Bristol.


"Bedankt voor je enorme inzet de afgelopen tijd! Wat zou ik zonder jou toch moeten doen?
Thanks for your excellent contribution in the last few weeks! What would I do without you?"

Dr Ron Kastelein, SEAMARCO (Sea Mammal Research Company), Applied Research for Marine Conservation, The Netherlands.


Comments from Scientific Writing Workshop participants:


"The individual feedback was really useful and actually got me going with my Introduction!"

"I am really glad this workshop is available. Even just talking about the writing process is helpful. I am really glad I came, and at just the right time too. The grammar section should be compulsory! The size of the class was just right too, everyone was happy to contribute."

"This workshop was really helpful. You can get quite isolated and caught up in writing and it was good to discuss the process and get valuable advice. Great delivery."

"Very useful workshop. Your first-hand experience with publishing and editing science made it very interesting."


Comments from Presentation Skills Workshop participants:


"Thank you so much for the presentation skills course yesterday. It was fantastic, and my presentation also went very well."

"A really useful course and surprisingly enjoyable! Thanks."

"The discussion of participants’ presentations was very useful. It was very easy to see the areas that could be improved in our presentations."

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